GoFundMe has created 2023 wildfire relief fund for Washington

As Washington is preparing for wildfire season, GoFundMe.org, has launched a general relief fund for people who are personally impacted by wildfires this year.

Donations to the 2023 Wildfire Relief Fund will be distributed to individuals in need as well as community efforts and organizations who are working to help those affected by wildfires. 

GoFundMe.org is a nonprofit charitable partner of GoFundMe and has made the first donation to the fund. They contributed $12,500 to support affected communities.

In addition to this, GoFundMe is sharing tips on how to give and help if you or someone you know is impacted. 

  • If you are impacted by a wildfire and need help, you can launch a fundraiser at gofundme.com - it is free!
    • Look at some key tips to help your fundraiser succeed, including sharing your fundraiser on your social media channels.
  • To help neighbors in need, you can find and donate to a GoFundMe fundraiser in your area.

During natural disasters and other crises, there are a team of experts that review fundraisers to prevent misuse. GoFundMe has the first and only donor protection guarantee in the crowdfunding industry. 

To learn more about the wildfire relief fund, visit the GoFundMe page!

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