Stolen vehicle found by FLOCK camera in north Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — A man was located and arrested for possession of a stolen motor vehicle that was found by a FLOCK camera notification in North Spokane.

Spokane County deputies received a FLOCK camera alert regarding a stolen Washington license plate on a white 90s Subaru.

Deputies found the Subaru parked in a Safeway parking lot near, 902 W Francis Avenue. In the vehicle they found a man in the driver seat and woman in the passenger seat. 

The license plate confirmed that the vehicle was stolen, which was reported on May 27.

In the vehicle, deputies found various tools, bags, backpacks, store merchandise bags, several forms of identification and transaction cards that did not belong to the man or woman.

Deputies also found the Subaru’s ignition hanging down from the steering column with keys on a lanyard and scissors jammed in the steering column near the ignition.

At the scene, the driver said he got the vehicle from a friend, “Deanne” three days ago. He spoke with “Deanne” using social media, and he paid her $350.00 for the vehicle even though she told him the car was stolen. He could not provide a bill of sale or any contact information, and he was unaware the license plates were stolen.

After background checks, deputies found that the woman in the passenger seat had an active felony warrant in Stevens County.

The driver was booked into Spokane County Jail for possession of a stolen motor vehicle. 

The woman was booked into Spokane County Jail for her felony warrant, (failure to appear: residential burglary 2nd degree/theft of a firearm), in Stevens County. 

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