BOZEMAN- With those weather conditions rolling in MHP says teen drivers need to pay attention as they hit the road for the first time in the snow.

Every year we welcome a new class of teen drivers to the road and this year is no exception with the winter on its way ahead of schedule be sure to remind your teens to put the phone down as they head out the door.

Right now, traffic is being diverted around the Livingston area due to that winter storm warning and advisory that’s in effect, extra caution is required for driving conditions throughout the rest of the week.

The Montana Department of Transportation is diverting semis and towing units through Livingston due to "severe wind activity,” they began diverting traffic around 7 a.m. Tuesday. 

Due to those weather conditions, MHP is saying first-time snow drivers should take it nice and slow.

“Not [being] distracted by anything in your car or things that are happening outside your car,” Trooper David Morris from the Montana Highway Patrol said.

Morris who speaks to driver's ed classes says radios and cell phones can cause accidents on bad weather days.

“Just pay attention to the road, slow down, drive slow, if the roads are bad to watch the people in front of you and give yourself plenty of following distance,” Morris said.

Morris says on days like today 10 even 15 under the speed limit will help get you to your destinations safely.