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Take Down Requests and Incorrect Information Policy

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We strive to provide the most accurate information possible whenever we report on a story. However, because we’re human, there will be times when we get incorrect information. Below is the process to flag wrong information and request a correction.

How to inform us of an error

If you feel the information, we reported has an error please alert the staff at Please include your full name, return phone number, and your email address. We will acknowledge we received your message, with a return email.

Internal Investigation of Incorrect Information

When we get word of incorrect information the reporter, along with management staff, will investigate the report and do one of the following:

  1. Respond to you with reason why the information is correct and provide documentation and/or explanation.
  2. Confirm with you that the information is incorrect, provide the correct information, and share the process to correct the information on the platform where the wrong information was placed.

Incorrect Information on Newscasts

If the information is reported incorrectly, on a TV newscast, we will try to make the correction before that newscast has ended.

If we learn of the error after the newscast or at the end of the news, when there is not enough time to make the correction, we will have the correction in the next newscast with the reason why we got it wrong.

Error on a Digital Platform

If we publish an inaccurate story on one of our digital platforms (stream, web, social media), we will make the correction on the platform, where it was wrong as soon as we are made aware of the issue and include an editorial note about the correction.

Submitting a request to remove a story

As much as we try to make sure that a story is followed to completion, we know there will be times when we do not get a story sufficiently updated. The most common situation is a court case. There are also situations when you, or someone you know, is the subject of a story and you want that story removed. Below is the request process.

Please submit the following request

Please include documentation, court papers, summaries so we can research to confirm the story has changed.

In most cases, the story will be updated to reflect the new information.

Unpublishing a story is a last resort. However, in some cases we will remove the story if there is compelling enough documentation to warrant that response. If we agree to remove the story, we will also effort to remove it from Google’s cache.

All requests must be approved by the stations’ News Director and General Manager.

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