6 morning habits to get your heart health off to a good start

(BPT) - Every day is a good day to invest in your heart health! Your heart works hard every day, so it is important to support your health with healthy morning habits. Check out these six healthy habits that not only help you maintain a strong heart and circulation but also help set the tone for the rest of your day.

1. Drink water

Keep a glass of water or water bottle on your nightstand so you can take a sip as soon as you wake up. Overnight, your body becomes dehydrated. It's important to replenish the water you've lost first thing in the morning to help your body do its job. Staying hydrated supports healthy circulation and helps deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout your body so you can feel your best as you start your day.

2. Brush your teeth

Did you know oral health is linked to heart health? Protect your heart health by maintaining a consistent brushing schedule, which in turn supports blood and arterial health.

The best time to brush your teeth in the morning is when you first wake up. Brushing kick-starts your saliva production, which protects your teeth and gums by washing away food debris. Also, if you eat acidic breakfast food, brushing your teeth before breakfast rather than after can be incredibly beneficial.

3. Meditate

You can practice meditation any time, but spending a few moments alone every morning can focus your mind for the day ahead and help your heart. A calm, focused mind can reduce everyday worries, which can help promote healthy blood pressure and heart function.

Whether you listen to music, write in your journal, do yoga or practice deep breathing, just five minutes of meditation each day can support your body's ability to manage everyday stress and support healthy blood pressure and circulation.

4. Get moving

Cardiovascular exercise is critical to maintaining a happy, healthy heart. It also helps regulate your metabolism and appetite, provides healthy energy, and can support healthy weight management.

If you want to get into the habit of exercising every day, aim for 30 minutes of cardio in the morning. Mornings tend to have fewer distractions than other times of the day, making the start of your day the ideal time to exercise.

One of the easiest ways to get exercise is to lace up your shoes and take a brisk walk. Others may have a favorite workout video or online exercise class, either live or recorded.

Even if you can't commit to a half-hour of exercise every day, do what you can to get your body moving. As little as five minutes of exercise will provide heart health benefits if you are not feeling very fit.

5. Eat a nutrient-rich breakfast

Diet is one of the most important lifestyle factors influencing heart health, so pay attention to your breakfast choices. A breakfast smoothie is a great way to take in fruits and vegetables that will provide you with essential vitamins and minerals to support optimal heart health.

6. Give your cardiovascular health a boost

Give your heart a helping hand by taking heart-supporting supplements made from naturally sourced ingredients like CholestMD®. This heart health product provides cholesterol support and overall cardiovascular health with two potent ingredients, Bergavit™ bergamot extract and niacin. Both ingredients have been clinically studied and found to support healthy blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The formula also includes olive leaf and garlic bulb extract, which provide additional blood lipid and arterial health support.

Your best heart health starts with a good morning. These six heart-healthy habits can help you create a good morning routine to get your heart and overall health ready to take on today and beyond. To read reviews of CholestMD® from consumers just like you, visit 1MD.org.