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SPOKANE, Wash. — A 32-year-old Spokane County Detention Service Corrections officer has been charged with four counts of custodial sexual misconduct due to multiple reports from inmates.

On December 13, 2022, an inmate alleged that he saw Drew S. Seiffert, a corrections officer, and a female inmate have inappropriate sexual contact the day before.

This information was reported to Detention Services Administration, who immediately began an investigation into the incident.

As they investigated, video footage was reviewed and evidence was collected with the assistance of Spokane County Forensic Unit Specialists. 

The Sexual Assault Unit spoke with the female inmate who initially denied any inappropriate contact or relationship. As evidence was discovered, the female admitted that she has consensual sexual contact with Seiffert. 

Despite the inappropriate sexual conduct being consensual, it is illegal for an employee or contract personnel of a corrections facility/agency to engage in sexual conduct with a person residing in a facility or under correctional supervision.

Seiffert has been charged with four counts of custodial sexual misconduct in the first degree. One June 22, he was arrested on the charges and booked into the Spokane County Jail.    

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