SPOKANE, Wash. – A family is searching for a missing, precious heirloom after their father’s passing. His sons say the sentimental value of the missing wedding ring is absolutely priceless.

The ring somehow vanished in the final days of Nathan Douglas’ life. His sons say they have reached out to the hospital where he died, a center that was giving him dialysis and even his last residence. None of these efforts have turned up the ring, and they are asking our community to be on the lookout.

“It’s been a nightmare,” the son said. “My dad had (the ring) made special for his wedding.”

The ring is a gold band with etching across it. It has a black circle with a small diamond. The family hopes if someone came across it somewhere, they will do the right thing and connect with them.

Sacred Heart is where Douglas passed away on May 19. They are among the places the family has contacted and searched with no luck so far. While it’s unknown at this point if the ring did vanish while Douglas was inside Sacred Heart, they released the following statement and advice for families:

“While we cannot comment on a specific patient’s situation, we know that personal items mean a great deal to our patients and families. That’s why caregivers carefully document belongings, such as jewelry, when a patient is admitted.

In the rare case of a lost or missing item, we have a Patient Relations department that can assist.

We advise all patients to leave jewelry and other valuables at home or give them to a loved one to take care of while the patient is at the hospital.”

Learn more about patient recommendations here: https://www.providence.org/locations/wa/sacred-heart-medical-center/patients-and-visitors#tabcontent-1-pane-2