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(BPT) - As today’s leaders in the automotive industry re-imagine what the future of mobility looks like, so too must they prioritize how they invest in their future workforce to ensure they’re up for the challenge and are equipped to carry the industry forward when they’re ready to lead. Wit…

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(BPT) - Anyone who has lived through the last few years knows how dramatically the world of work has changed — and how it continues to evolve in ways that are not always predictable. As advanced technology, business environments and the ways people work are all hurtling toward the future, it…

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(BPT) - The aviation industry drives around 5% of U.S. GDP — the equivalent of $1.25 trillion in 2022. The industry creates innovative and rewarding roles for some 8 million people across the U.S. Aviation, supporting around 25,000 flights carrying 2.3 million passengers and 66,000 tons of c…

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(BPT) - The future of the trucking industry — especially small-business trucking — is at a crossroads. Just as the industry starts to look beyond the turbulence of the pandemic, fuel prices grow as a potential recession looms. Thankfully, truckers are resilient and they overcome challenges e…

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