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What is going on? The random movement of the wobblebot is caused by the spinning shaft of the motor extending down through the center of your CD. By adding a glob of glue from your hot glue gun, you are not only protecting the floor from scratches, you are also increasing the friction between the floor and the motor shaft. Once the wobblebot is turned on and the shaft begins to spin, the force between the two surfaces will cause the wobblebot to move in one direction. 

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What you will need: Foam board or cardboard Binoculars (preferably a set that you are allowed to disassemble without getting in trouble) Razor knife (adult use only) Square or straight edge Tape measure Black spray paint Hot glue gun Camera (I used my GoPro since it is small and can be connected to my phone) Adult supervision Optional: Tripod 1/4" MDF or plywood approx. 7"x14" (if using tripod) Mounting hardware to clip into tripod Drill with drill b...

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What you will need: One liter bottle of club soda Rubber stopper (make sure it fits into the opening of your one liter bottle) Plastic tubing (approximately 12” in length and about ¼” in diameter) Drill Drill bit (same size as your plastic tubing) Adult supervision Procedure: Drill a hole in the center of the rubber stopper as shown Insert your tubing into the hole so that the bottom end of the tubing is almost touching the bottom of the one liter bo...

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