SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. – Four lengthy prison sentences are officially underway in a history making case, but the family of the homicide victim still feel as if peace is out of reach.

Bret Snow, 32, was reported missing by his family in December of 2015. Despite investigators never finding his remains, they were able to arrest four suspects for their involvement in his murder.

Alvaro Guajardo, Cheryl Sutton, Colby Vodder were all convicted by juries for their roles in what happened to Bret Snow. Kenneth Stone took a plea deal and was sentenced earlier this month.  

Prosecutors believe Snow was beaten to death and then dismembered. Snow’s family just wants to know what happened from there.

“We just want to give him a proper burial,” his mother Lori Rison said. “Anyone would want that for their child. It would be so much easier just knowing.”

Lori says Bret was her oldest child. She says to know him was to love him, and he was kind to everyone.

“He was a caring individual… always trying to help people,” she said.

That’s what the family fears got him mixed up with his killers. Lori says the motive appears to be a dispute over less than $100 in drugs.

“I just don't understand how they could bring to themselves to do what they did,” she said.

Witness testimony pieced together Bret’s final moments. One witness testified that he was tied up with a phone cord and then beaten. That same witness told the jury he later heard the suspects using power tools in a shop, telling him they had ‘poached a deer.’ Snow’s blood was recovered at that property.

Loved ones and investigators alike have heard countless rumors about how the suspects ultimately disposed of Bret Snow’s remains.

“There is definitely a theory that they …mutilated him and disposed of him in buckets in different areas,” Lori said.

The family says all four of the suspects were presented with opportunities to cooperate and help them bring Bret’s remains home. None of them opted to help. At the final sentencing in this case, Lori says they did see some remorse.

“(At Stone’s sentencing) he got emotional,” she said. “He looked at me and said, ‘if I knew, I would tell you where Brett is.’ The other three just were like it's nothing (during their sentences.)”

Lori is speaking with our Help Me Hayley in hopes of reaching that one person who can help ease the sting of overwhelming grief.

“I can only hope somebody will tell us,” she said. “As a family, we're not asking for much.”

If you know anything about where Bret Snow’s remains were left, please call crime check at 509.456.2233.